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Who we are at Turco Taco

At Turco Taco, Our Philosophy is, the choices we make about the food we eat, and where it comes from, has a direct impact on our health and the environment. Therefore, we are committed to serving the freshest, organic locally grown produce with hormone and antibiotic free premium meats. Eating good food shouldn't be hard, that's why we are happy to accommodate many dietary restrictions. (Gluten free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Keto)

What does Turco mean – Turco is a term commonly used in South and Central America that labels all Middle Eastern and Turkish immigrants. 

Why does the restaurant carry the name Turco – Our concept is based on cooking our meat on a vertical rotisserie, a cooking technique that was invented in Ottoman Turkey in the 18th century and brought to South and Central America by the Turkish and Lebanese immigrants (called Turco) after the fall of the ottoman empire in the early 1900’s. We identify ourselves as the Turco immigrants that settled in Mexico and brought their cooking experience, techniques and flavors to that part of the world while preparing the most flavorful Mexican cuisine. 

At Turco Taco Quality is our outmost priority. The entirety of our menu is made in house from scratch, using premium ingredients. We believe in serving only premium Hormone and Antibiotic free meats, and wild caught seafood, product of sustainable fishing. Because of our Mediterranean background we only use Olive Oil and lard in our daily food preparation. The secret recipe to our unique flavors is the imported dry peppers, imported cheeses, imported Mediterranean and Mexican spices, and fresh locally sourced produce blended in harmony with the passion of our chefs to create a flavor explosion that hasn’t been experienced before.  

Based on the rise in Allergy Restricted Diets and the anti-inflammatory food pyramid, every single ingredient on our menu is carefully selected and hand-crafted into our signature menu items that make eating well effortless, energizing and most importantly, full of flavor. Our commitment to being allergy conscious and allergy friendly is mirrored through our menu. 

Turco Taco’s environmentally friendly commitment is our contribution to the future generations and lowering the world pollution. We are committed to becoming certified environmentally friendly company, that will use 100% bio-degradable products sourced only from certified sustainable sources.

Yavuz "Oz" Ozturk

Yavuz “Oz” Ozturk came to America in 2001 in search of the American dream. He began his humble beginnings as a busboy, worked his way up to server position, while his English improved before entering into a partnership with a local diner where he continued to learn all aspects of the business and became proficient in all positions.

Working from the bottom up, as an immigrant from Turkey, it was not always easy to adapt. Because of his hard work and excellent knowledge Oz partnered in an upscale fine dining Greek restaurant in Sidney, Australia where he relocated in 2009. After building upon his knowledge and learning in 2011, he returned back to America and relocated to Naples, FL where he worked in 

several of the most respected restaurants including 1500 South celebrity’s chef Art Smith’s venue. During his restaurant experience, Yavuz owned and operated Bondi Fresh, a beachfront juice and smoothie shop that offered healthy salads and sandwiches. This venture intrigued the growing interest in turning to a more health-conscious lifestyle for him and his family and inspired him to co-found Turco Taco in June, 2019.

Ivo Milanoski

Ivica “Ivo” Milanoski was born and raised in Macedonia, where his hospitality experience began, during his high school years. While working his way through college, he worked in every position from dishwasher to managing partner. During Ivo's career he has worked as front and back of the house employee, at some of the finest restaurants and resorts in Europe.

Ivo moved to the U.S. in 2008, to join a large food, beverage, and entertainment company, as part of the human resources management team. In 2010, he moved to Naples, where he attended graduate school at Florida Gulf Coast University. He has since worked at some of the finest restaurants in town.

Ivo’s passion for fine food, wine and spirits is reflected among several wine and cocktail programs and restaurant menus in Florida, Macedonia, and Greece. He continued to build upon his restaurant knowledge while working at some of the finest restaurants in Naples and surrounding areas before he co-founded Turco Taco in June, 2019.